Drug cases break down into two categories:
1) Simple possession;
2) Sales, possession for sale, and transportation.

Simple possession cases are addressed here.

Cases for sale, possession for sale, or transportation of illegal drugs are serious. They are always charged as felonies, and can result in very long prison sentences, particular if you have prior convictions for sales, or if the alleged sale, possession or transportation took place on school grounds, or near a school, or involved large quantities of drugs or large sums of money.

Sale of drug cases almost never originate from the observations of uniformed police officers. These types of cases almost always derive from an investigation by a specialized team of drug detectives, and may even involve federal officers from the Drug Enforcement Administration of the case is large enough.

These cases may involve surveillance by detectives operating from a position of physical concealment, or they may involve wiretaps, detectives following vehicles, or the use of undercover detectives or confidential informants to make observations or controlled buys – or some combination of these.

A proper defense of these cases will always turn on the credibility of the officers and informants, and whether they followed proper procedure. For this you need an experienced attorney.

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