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The Law Office of Charles Mashburn does offer a free consultation and evaluation of your criminal legal matter.

A free consultation will help you make an informed decision to hire the right attorney to handle your legal matter. If the person with the legal matter is out of custody, then that person should be present for the consultation.

If the individual with the legal matter is in custody, we will meet for free with relatives or family members for the purpose of hiring us to represent their loved one. However,we do not make jail visits or perform in custody consultations for free.

All consultations will take place in the conference room at the Law Office of Charles E. Mashburn.

We do not offer free consultation over the phone or via e-mail or any other electronic medium, nor do we answer questions about a specific case over the phone, via e-mail or any other electronic media to someone who has not retained our services. This is necessary to preserve attorney-client confidentiality.

If you are arranging a consultation with the Law Office of Charles Mashburn, you should bring with you all papers and documents you have regarding the legal matter for proper evaluation. If you do not have copies of police reports or other papers, the Law Office of Charles Mashburn can only provide you with copies if you are the person who was arrested and charged, and only if you hire, pay and retain Charles Mashburn to be your attorney.