Writs and Appeals

Writs and Appeals If you are convicted of a crime after a jury trial, you have a right to appeal the judgment of the court. You may also have a right to appeal in certain limited circumstances if you pled guilty before trial.  →


IMG_6238 Being questioned by the police, arrested, and charged with a crime is a scary, harrowing experience — and a very unfamiliar one for most people. What do you do now? Who do you talk to? Who can you trust? Your  →

What Happens During a Criminal Case?

What Happens During a Criminal Case? Everyone who has a criminal case should understand the time element involved. All cases start with an arraignment. This is a brief court hearing where you will be asked to plead either guilty or not guilty. In some misdemeanor courts,  →

Experienced Criminal Trial Lawyer

Experienced Criminal Trial Lawyer Charles Mashburn is a veteran of more than fifty criminal jury trials. Mr. Mashburn is highly knowledgeable in jury selection, comfortable in front of a jury, and has extensive experience in making powerpoint, video, and electronic media presentations to trial  →

Free Consultation

Free Consultation The Law Office of Charles Mashburn does offer a free consultation and evaluation of your criminal legal matter. A free consultation will help you make an informed decision to hire the right attorney to handle your legal matter. If the  →

California Criminal Lawyer

California Criminal Lawyer Aggressive, experienced representation in the criminal courts. Charles Mashburn handles state and federal criminal cases in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and by special arrangement in San Diego, Ventura, Santa Barbara and Kern Counties. Mr.  →

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