You have unpaid traffic tickets. Or maybe you got behind in your child support payments. Or you didn’t do your DUI classes. Now you’ve been pulled over, and you are being cited – or worse, arrested – for driving on a suspended license. Your car has been impounded for thirty days, and you have to pay the impound fees.

The suspended license laws can be found under California Vehicle Code Section 14601.

It may surprise you to learn that driving on a suspended license is not just a “traffic ticket.” A violation of Section 14601 is a misdemeanor. You can go to jail for up to six months on a first offense, or up to a year if you have a prior conviction, or if your driver’s license was suspended for DUI.

In order to avoid jail, you will have to pay substantial fines, and be placed on probation.

In situations where you have prior convictions for driving on a suspended license, or where you are caught driving when your license was suspended for DUI, you are facing mandatory jail time, and the amount of time goes up with each additional prior.

You need an experienced attorney to handle matters such as these. An experienced attorney can help you avoid jail, and arrange payment plans on your fines. An attorney can also help you track down those old traffic tickets, negotiate child support arrears, or help you arrange for enrollment in DUI classes to get your license back. An attorney may even be able to get your car released from a thirty day impound, and avoid most of the impound fees.